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Hi there, my name is Marcell. I live in South Africa and have been facinated by Saint Helena my whole life. My family owns a farm and I read that you guys have been having trouble growing your own food to the point that most of it has to be imported.

I have been playing around with aquaponics and think that for your situation it would be an ideal way of producing your own food all year round on a small footprint.

I have a couple of questions.

1. Why have Saint Helena been having trouble growing its own food, is it the climate, soil quality, drought etc?

2. Do you have any running water sources eg rivers?

3. What is your staple vegetables or fruits consumed on St Helena, for intance what food is imported the most?

4. Are there any restrictions on the importation of certain fresh water aquatic species eg fish (tilapia, sharptooth catfish etc.) or fresh water crayfish of prawns?

5. Availability of land that can be allocted to a large scale aquaponic greenhouse? I am talking of about 12000 sq/m that could feed approximately 5000 people 12 months of the year and if maintained will do so for the rest of their lives.

6. Funding and transportation of equipment to a site? If I want to start a pilot plant on Saint Helena will I be responsible for all of the funding for such a project or does the Saint Helena government have funds allocated for agriculture development?

7. How hard is it to transport heavy equipment around eg containers, tanks, plumbing, earth moving equipment etc?

8. What current ifrastructure is available on the island in term of construction equipment and will the roads on the island be able to handle the movement of heavy equipment between a site and Jamestown eg. trucks with containers?

Having never been on St Helena, pictures and video can only show you so much so I apologize if my questions sound ignorant.

Marcell De Klerk

Johnny Clingham

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I cannot help you much on this subject.

I dont think there are aquaponics on the Island but i am not sure if i have my terminology correct.

Soil quality i think is good as there are or were farms on the Island and a few  farmers that do produce some vegetables.

Poly tunnels are popular.

No rivers all water source are from rainfall that is stored for domestic an farming consumption.

I do not have any idea about fish imports.

Funding again I cannot help you with this but what I do know is that local support is available for development.

Moving 20 foot containers around is fairly straight forward.

You can move farming equipment around its fairly straight forward with some advice given on sizing.

Contact the website direct and I will connect you with some people that can help you.

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