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Clair Girvan

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Hi everyone! I'm researching for a possible application for a job on the island. Myself and family are currently living in Essex in the Uk we live in a large town and used to creature comforts. I'm keen to hear from people what rural island living is like -but also get to know about education opportunities for my 15 year old that would be due to start a levels at the local college in Sept? Looking forward to all the feedback 👍

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Hi Claire. Living on St Helena is enjoyed by most who move from the UK, i have to be honest it depends on what home comforts you enjoy most. St Helena offers a great safe lifestyle for most teenagers but you have to remember the cost of living is higher than Asda in Chelmsford or Southend on sea as most goods have to be imported, you can buy Uk products at a higher price there and also the internet is not over fast but good enough for skype calls to your family and friends, accommodation rental is almost the same as uk in some cases but you are rewarded with some benefits. There is no council tax and TV licence etc to pay. St Helena offers a good senior school also which is a UK curriculum. It depends on what she (your daughter) wants to study. Property can be found here just to give some price ideas. If you work for SHG you will also or potentially attract a living allowance and rental allowance as part of the job offer. Others will offer a more realistic advice from their own experience.  I hope this helps in some way come back if you want to know more.

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